Protectores Chimera 58x89mm BCW


Los protectores BCW Deck Guards son un producto de excelente calidad, libre de ácido y que están diseñados para proteger, almacenar y exhibir tus valiosas cartas. Usa estos protectores para proteger tus juegos de la mejor forma.

  • Libres de ácido, almacenamiento seguro. Sin PVC
  • Diseñados para cartas de 58x89mm
  • Transparentes, brillante por ambos lados
  • 50 protectores por pack

Ficha técnica


Usa estas fundas protectoras en los siguientes juegos:
7 Ages, A Game of Thrones, Acquire (1976 version), Adventurers, The, Agora, Android, Apples to Apples, Arkham Horror, Aye, Dark Overlord, Battles of Napoleon: The Eagle and the Lion (2010) , Battles of Westeros, Battlestar Galactica, Bottle Imp, Brawl, Chaos In The Old World, Chez Geek, Citadels, Clue, Colossal Arena, Condottiere, Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear Russia 1941-42, Cosmic Encounter, D-Day at Omaha Beach, Death Note Investigation Card Game (2009) , Descent, Doom Board Game, Elfenland, Empire Builder (2002 Edition), Fairy Tale (Zman), Freeze (2010) , Frenzy, Fury of Dracula, Great Wall Of China, Greyhawk Wars, HysteriCoach, King's Vineyard, Letter of Marque, Limits, Little Grey Rabbit, Mansions of Madness, Master Builder (2008), Middle Earth Quest, Modern Art (Mayfair Version), Mousquetaires du Roy (2010) , Neue Welten (2010) , Nexus, Nobody But Us Chickens, Nottingham, Pit, Racko, Rack-O, R-Eco, Risk -Lord of the Rings Version, Rock!, Roma, Run Wild (Out of the Box), Rune Age, Runebound, Runewars, Senji, Set, Shazamm, Slapshot, Sleuth, Slide 5 , Smiley Face, Space Hulk - Death Angel, Starcraft - Brood War, Starcraft, Stronghold, Super Circles (Out of the Box), Tales of Arabian Nights, Tide Of Iron, Time's Up!, Too Many Cooks, Union Pacific, US Patent 1, Walking Dead Board Game, War of the Ring, Warcraft The Board Game, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, Witch Trial, Zombie State